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A mention of the country Brazil often invokes images of samba, tropical rain forests and annual carnival celebrations.  

But what about granter of wishes and protector of life?   A tradition has recently been resurrected from the church of Senhor Do Bonfim, in Bahia Brazil.

Called Bahia Bands, it’s a neon wish bracelet that is attached to the wrist or ankle. Check out the different colors of wish bracelets here. These wish bracelets were once popular in the 1800′s.  Today, they are once again being relished for their magical powers, vibrant colors and trendy following.

Legend has it that Senhor do Bonfim (Lord of Good End) will grant wishes to those that wear wish bracelets until they naturally breakdown and fall off.

Etched along each of the colorful bands is a Portuguese slogan, “Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia.”  Which translates to “In remembrance of our Lord of Good end, good luck in life.”

Wish Bracelets are said to offer good luck and ward off evil

Browse Wish Bracelets here. Wearing the wish bracelet is simple:

Have a friend wrap the bracelet around your wrist (proper etiquette says your wishes will not come true if you do it yourself). Tie three knots, making a wish with each knot. Wear the wish bracelet until it naturally falls off. Tradition explains that if you cut the band off early your wishes will not come true and you risk the chance of bringing bad luck on to yourself.

Celebrities spotted wearing the Bahia wish bracelet include Lauren Conrad, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models from Brazil, Lindsay Lohan, Condoleezza Rice and others.

It seems to be the new craze in Hollywood.  Will it catch on like the Kabbalah Red-string, the trend that hit celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and plenty others?  We think it might.

Lauren Conrad wearing a Bahia Wish Bracelet

For protection and fulfillment of wishes, the only down-side of wearing the band is that it may take a while to fall off. We suspect it’s worth the commitment.  And you don’t have to fly to Brazil to get a wish bracelet!