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Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards.  Currently, we process all of our payments through Stripe and Paypal. Both accept most major credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes! Please select the “International Shipping” option when making your payment.  All international orders are being shipped out of Germany and should take ~5 business days to arrive.

Wish Bracelet Questions:

Q: What is the meaning of the Brazilian Wish Bracelet? What does the writing mean on the bracelet?

A: The Wish Bracelet is a unique tradition from Brazil. In the 1800′s these ribbons were worn for protection and for granting of wishes by Senhor Do Bonfim (our lord of the Good End). Today, Bahia Bands are worn around the wrist and for the same purpose: to receive protection and good luck in life.

The writing on the ribbon says ”Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia”, or in remembrance of the lord of Good End, savior of Bahia, or Souvenir from the God of Bahia.  Learn more about Brazilian Wish Bracelets.

Q: Can a Bahia Band only be tied to the wrist?

No.  Bahia Bands can be worn around the wrist, or they can be tied to a backpack, hung around a decorative item at home or even be tied to the ankle.  At the church in Brazil, they are religiously tied to the church gates.  See our history section for pictures and videos.

Q: Does each Bahia Band Wish Bracelet have a different meaning?

A: Legend has it that the colors correspond with African deities.

Some sources claim:

yellow – success and intelligence

dark green – money and growth

light blue – love and peace

dark blue – health, comfort and fertility

red – strength and passion

hot pink – friendship

white – wisdom and inner peace

purple – spirituality

orange – courage and energy

Q: How can I place a bulk or large (over 50) order?

A: Follow this link.

Q: What are Bahia Bands made out of?

A: Each authentic bracelet is made from 100% polyester.

Q: What is the length of each wish bracelet?

A: The typical length of a bracelet is 15-16″, which is about 4o cm.

Q: Can I purchase the bracelets by the roll?

A: No. We receive the bracelets pre-cut.

Q: Can I iron my bracelet?

A: Yes. Bracelets can get wrinkled. We recommend ironing the bracelet on a low setting with the printing on the ribbon faced down.

Q: What are Bahia Bands made out of?

A: Each authentic bracelet is made from 100% polyester.

Decenarios Pulseras Questions:

Q: What is the meaning behind decenarios?  Where did decenarios pulseras come from?

A: You can learn more about the history of decenarios here.  For a brief history lesson, decenarios or Decenario Bracelets are actually one decade rosaries, but have come to be known by the simple name: decenarios.Decenarios have religious origins and the decenario could be a called a descendant of the rosary.  The ten knots on the decenario were used by people to help them meditate while saying prayers and reflecting on life.

Wearers of the decenario bracelets say they bring them good luck, just like  Brazilian Wish Bracelets. In Spanish custom, decenarios are given away for celebration of births, first communions, and weddings.  People still buy decenarios because the bracelets bring them comfort.

Q: What do the colors of the decenarios bracelets mean? 

A: The meaning of the colors of the decenarios is one of debate.  Some sources say the decenarios colors mean this: White: Friendship, Purity; Green: Health, Ambition, Go-Getter; Yellow: Energy, Increase Creativity; Red: Love, Passion, Courage; Pink: Consolation, Romance; Brown: Concentration, Stability, Strength ; Orange: Success, Attraction, Happiness; Light Blue: Reconciliation, Health, Tranquility; Dark Blue: (Self) Confidence, Knowledge; Purple: Inner Strength, Control, Luxury; Light Pink, Black.