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Color Meaning of Brazilian Wish Bracelets

As much as colors invoke personal images in our minds, wearing a specific-colored Bahia Band is said to bring out the innate characteristics of that color.

Has sickness seeped into your life? Tie a deep blue Bahia Band around your wrist. Legend has it that this blue color will invoke good health and wellness into your life.

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The roots of these beliefs are hard to pinpoint, but sources claim that they are drawn from African religions. Bahia, Brazil is a region highly influenced by African peoples, beliefs and customs.  The Portuguese also brought Catholicism.The colors and benefits of wearing specific colored Brazilian Wish Bracelets is said to correspond and intertwine with African deities and Catholic beliefs.

At the church of Senhor do Bonfim in Brazil, Bahia Bands flutter in the wind like a firework display. The colors are vibrant and the richness of the history engulfs the air like a plague.

For hundreds of years, patrons have flocked to the church seeking peace, serenity and well-being.  A sacred place, the superstitious nature of it’s famous nylon ribbons continue to intrigue followers from all corners of the globe.

At one point these mysterious healers were tied around the neck, worn as a necklace as a sort of protector from evils.  They morphed into bracelets worn around the wrist. They were called Bonfim Ribbons, Bahia Bands or Wish Bracelets.

Tradition changed, but principles remained.  Colors became inseparable from tradition. Specific colors took on meaning.

Yellow Brazilian Wish Bracelet – success and intelligence

Dark green Brazilian Wish Bracelet – money and growth

Light blue Brazilian Wish Bracelet – love and peace

Dark blue Brazilian Wish Bracelet – health, comfort and fertility

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Hot pink Brazilian Wish Bracelet – friendship

Red Brazilian Wish Bracelet – strength and passion

White Brazilian Wish Bracelet  – wisdom and inner peace

Purple Brazilian Wish Bracelet – spirituality

Orange Brazilian Wish Bracelet – courage and energy

How to tie a Bahia Band

Once a color (or colors) of Band is selected it must be tied properly to ensure fulfillment of wishes.  Bahia Bands can be worn around the wrist, they can be tied to a backpack, they can be hung around a decorative item at home or they can even be tied to the ankle.

The most important aspect of wearing the Brazilian Wish Bracelet is not where it is worn, but how it is tied on and how it comes off:

Tie three knots with the bracelet.  Make a wish with each knot.  Leave the Bahia Band on until it naturally falls off.  If you follow these steps, you just might be taking a positive step in bringing whatever it is you desire into your life.

Boa sorte.