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Necklace Extenders Pack of 10 Includes 5 Gold & 5 Silver by Cocorina

By Cocorina

$ 8.99 $ 39.99


Necklace extenders can be a life-saver. These Cocorina extensions are just the right tool for those too tight necklaces & bracelets. Easy to use and with so many length options you can't go wrong with sizing!

  • Includes 5 gold & 5 silver colored chains. Easily add length to your jewelry. Necklaces not long enough? Bracelets don't sit right on your wrist? Multiple size options give you a number of ways to make your jewelry fit right again.
  • Multiple size options gives you just the right length! Not sure what length you need? No worries, these sets range from 2" - 8" and provide you with every size in between to ensure you get a length that matches perfectly for you!
  • Nickel Free Gold & Silver options allow you to match up your costume jewelry with these easy to use lobster clasp extensions. Simply use the clasps on both ends of the extensions to hook to your favorite piece of jewelry and you're good to go
  • Perfect for statement necklaces, larger wrists and and those that prefer control over the length of their jewelry
  • Cocorina is a registered Trademark - Brand includes product warranty - contact for details

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